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Viktor Drvota
Chief Executive Officer

Appointed as CEO 2017, previously CIO since 2016. Born 1965 M.D, Ph.D. Associate Prof. In Cardiology. Viktor Drvota has over 13 years of Venture Capital experience with several investements, significant fundraisings, IPOs and exits. He was responsible for Life science at SEB Venture Capital 2002 -2016. During his appointment at SEB VC he also served as a Board member in several biotech and Medtech companies such as Arexis AB, SBL Vaccin AB, Nuevolution AS, Index Pharma AB, Scibase AB, Airsonett AB among others. Before joining SEB in, Dr Drvota worked as Senior Consultant and Associate Professor in Cardiology at the Karolinska Institutet/hospital, Stockholm. Dr Drvota has experience from preclinical as well as clinical research in drug development and medical devices. Dr Drvota has 29 published research articles. Holdings in Karolinska Development: 24 000 shares, 1 608 418 warrants.


Fredrik Järrsten
Chief Financial Officer

Appointed 2017. Born 1967. MSc in Business and Economics. Fredrik Järrsten has more than 20 years of experience within investments and business development, including 12 years in the Life Science sector. Between 2014-2017, Fredrik was CFO and Business Development Director at Bactiguard, a Swedish Medtech company, where he among other things lead the company's IPO on Nasdaq Stockholm. In 2006, Fredrik was appointed Director Business Development, including M&A, at Aleris, one of Scandinavia's leading private healthcare companies. While there, he led the work for 8 years to generate growth through concluding some thirty acquisitions as well as through coordinating tender-driven organic growth. Fredrik has also worked as Investment Manager at the private equity company, Litorina Kapital 1999-2006 as well as the investment banks SEB Enskilda and Lazard 1992-1999 advising clients in M&A, fund raisings and IPO’s. Holdings in Karolinska development: 25,000 shares, 402,105 warrants.


Ulf Richenberg
General Counsel

Appointed in 2008. Born 1955. Master of Laws. Ulf Richenberg has 25 years experience in business law, including positions as legal counsel of KIHAB, Esselte AB and Vattenfall, General Counsel of AB Stokab and Scribona AB and business law consultant at FOI. Other appointments Chairman of KCIF Fund Management AB. Board member of KD Incentive AB. Holdings in Karolinska Development: 39 872 shares, 402 105 warrants.


Elisabet Gimbringer

Employed since November 2015. Born 1965. Economics and Business education from Stockholm University. Elisabet has worked as an approved public accountant for 10 years, and as a financial manager, business controller and financial controller for a number of different companies and fields for the last 15 years. Other appointments Board member of KD Incentive AB. Holdings in Karolinska Development: 4 000 shares, 107 228 warrants.


Eva Montgomerie
Head of Accounting

Employed since october 2013, Employed within the group since 2007. Born 1958. MSc in Business and economics. Eva Montgomerie has worked within the bank and finance sector for 12 years, 10 years within the food and clothing sector and 7 years within life science.  Other appointments Finance manager in Dilafor AB and Pharmanest AB. Holdings in Karolinska Development: 6 834 shares, 107 228 warrants.


Felicia Rittemar

Employed since 2016. Born 1990. MSc in medical science with a major in Bioentrepreneurship from Karolinska Institutet. Holdings in Karolinska Development: 107 228 warrants.


Esther Miralles Simó

Employed since 2018. Born 1990. MSc in medical science with a major in Bioentrepreneurship from Karolinska Institutet.