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First In Class Potential

Aprea Therapeutics AB

Aprea is developing pharmaceuticals that reactivates the tumor suppressor protein p53, which is impaired in many instances of cancer.
First In Class Potential

Dilafor AB

Dilafor is dedicated to the development of pharmaceutical products aimed at minimizing the risk for protracted labor and associated complications.
First In Class Potential

Forendo Pharma Oy

Forendo Pharma develops novel pharmaceutical treatments for endometriosis and for male patients with low testosterone levels.
First In Class Potential

Modus Therapeutics AB

Modus is developing innovative treatments for patients with sickle-cell disease based on a heparin analogue, sevuparin. Sickle-cell disease is a painful, inherited blood disorder affecting millions of people around the globe.

OssDsign AB

OssDsign is developing pioneering implants for bone healing with an initial focus on skull surgery.

Promimic AB

Promimic develops and markets a nano-based surface applied to dental and bone implants for improved integration to bone and soft tissue
First In Class Potential

Umecrine Cognition AB

Umecrine Cognition is developing a therapy that represents a new target class for several major CNS-related disorders.

Pharmanest AB

Pharmanest is specialized in the development of new topical analgesic formulations to be used on the mucosa.
First In Class Potential

Asarina Pharma AB

Asarina Pharna is developing innovative and targeted products to treat women with disorders associated with the menstrual cycle.