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Akinion Pharmaceuticals announces the publication of preclinical results of AKN-028

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - August 6, 2012. Akinion Pharmaceuticals AB, a Karolinska Development AB portfolio company, today announced that the article ”The novel tyrosine kinase inhibitor AKN-028 has significant antileukemic activity in cell lines and primary cultures of acute myeloid leukemia” by Eriksson A. et al., has been published online in Blood Cancer Journal at

AKN-028 is a targeted, orally available, small molecule FLT3 and cKIT kinase inhibitor currently in a Phase I/II clinical trial. The published article describes the preclinical activity of AKN-028 on cell lines and primary tumor cells. Its anti-leukemic effect on all types of primary acute myeloid leukemia (AML) samples tested, including chemotherapy resistant tumors, clearly differentiates AKN-028 from other FLT3 inhibitors. The reported possible sequence dependent synergy of AKN-028 with standard AML drugs supports a future development of AKN-028 in combination therapies in addition to the use as a single drug treatment.

About 42 000 new cases of AML are diagnosed in the US, EU and Japan each year and deaths from AML total about 30 000. The 5-year survival rate is only 34 percent for adults aged below 65 and 4 percent for those aged 65 or older. Current treatments include chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation, but no targeted treatments are approved yet.

Dr. Carl Harald Janson, CEO, Akinion Pharmaceuticals: “The results described in the article clearly differentiates AKN-028 and supports the ongoing clinical trial. In particular the effect seen on chemotherapy resistant tumors could be of significant importance when treating a disease with few therapeutic alternatives.”

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