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Dilafor transfers the rights for sevuparin to Dilaforette

STOCKHOLM - May 17, 2011. Dilafor AB announces transfer of the rights for sevuparin, to Dilaforette AB. Sevuparin is being developed for the treatment of severe malaria and has successfully completed a clinical Phase I study. Karolinska Development is the majority owner of Dilafor with 54 percent of the company. Dilaforette is fully owned by Dilafor.

Pirkko Sulila Tamsen has been appointed as CEO of Dilaforette, she has extensive experience of pharmaceutical development and business development in international pharmaceutical companies, CROs and early development companies such as Astra and Kabi-Pharmacia. She is also CEO of NovaSAID AB and the co-founder of several smaller life science ventures.

Lena Wikingsson, CEO of Dilafor:

“It is a natural step to form a separate company for this promising project and Pirkko Sulila Tamsen has the background necessary within pharmaceutical development that the company needs to further the value creating activities. Sevuparin could have great impact in the treatment of severe malaria”.

Pirkko Sulila Tamsen, CEO elect of Dilaforette:

“I am looking forward to my new role in Dilaforette and in leading the development of the company’s promising drug development project for the treatment of severe malaria and other diseases where new, effective treatments are in demand.”

The Board of Directors at Dilaforette consists of Hans-Peter Ekre, Björn Sjöstrand and Professor Mats Wahlgren. Professor Wahlgren from Karolinska Institutet is behind the discoveries in malaria that are the foundation of the company. Björn Sjöstrand has wide international experience in the commercialization of vaccines in, for instance, developing countries. Together, the Board of Directors has many years of experience in research and pharmaceutical development as well as leading roles in pharmaceuticalcompanies.

For further information, please contact:
Lena Wikingsson, CEO, Dilafor AB
Telephone: +46 (0)707-90 02 07, e-mail:

Pirkko Sulila Tamsen, CEO, Dilaforette AB
Telephone: +46 (0)70-302 95 88, e-mail:


About Dilafor
Dilafor develops tafoxiparin, a candidate drug for preventing and treating protracted labor and thereby decreasing the risk for complications for both mother and child. Based on clinical observations that indicate that protracted labors can be normalized by low molecular weight heparin (LMWH), Dilafor has developed tafoxiparin. LMWH is normally used for the prevention of thrombosis (blood clots), an effect that could cause an increased risk hemorrhage at childbirth. A tailor made compound, tafoxiparin, has been developed by selective modification of LMWH with the purpose of eliminating the anticoagulative properties. In both preclinical and clinical studies the compound has been proven to be safe. Dilafor has successfully completed an explorative clinical Phase II trial of tafoxiparin in protracted labor.

About Dilaforette
Dilaforette is developing sevuparin, a new treatment of severe malaria that prevents infected cells’ ability to block blood vessels. Heparin was previously used in the treatment of severe malaria but was discontinued due to the occurrence of haemostatic side effects such as bleedings. Sevuparin is a heparin analogue where the anticoagulant activity of heparin has been drastically reduced, aiming to eliminate this risk factor. A Phase I study of sevuparin has been successfully completed.

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