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Lipidor and Cerbios-Pharma have signed an agreement for the co-development of an innovative topical delivery system

Lipidor AB of Stockholm, Sweden, and Cerbios-Pharma SA of Lugano, Switzerland, have signed an agreement to jointly develop dermatological products built on Lipidor’s novel formulation technology - AKVANO(TM). The first application is an API used in the treatment of psoriasis, in order to demonstrate the advantages toward classical formulations like ointments or creams.

AKVANO™, based on a water-free liquid, opens up a new dimension in topical administration. With simple formulation and manufacturing abilities, as well as excellent cosmetic properties, the technology will create new possibilities for effective and convenient treatments in the dermatological and cosmetic fields. Some of the advantages of AKVANO™ are excellent incorporation possibilities of “difficult” drugs, ease of administration, accurate dosing, and improved compliance.

The first clinical trial is planned to start by end of this year, with a study for the treatment of psoriasis. The agreement covers several drug substances, from NCE’s under development, to older products where life-cycle management could be of interest.

Dr. Anders Carlsson, CEO and co-founder of Lipidor says: “This cooperation is an important step towards the first product based on the AKVANO™ technology. The considerable knowledge and extensive experience of Cerbios-Pharma in the field of manufacturing and handling of HPAI (High Potency Active Ingredients) is a perfect complement to Lipidor´s know-how in specialized lipid drug delivery.”

“We are enthusiastic about this partnership with Lipidor that is strengthening our portfolio of activities and services offered around HPAI manufacturing“, says Dr. Gabriel Haering, CEO of Cerbios-Pharma. “Through this, Cerbios will be able to offer pre-formulation capabilities and capacities with a unique platform that will help our partners in their success.”

Contact information:

Lipidor AB
Anders Carlsson

Cerbios-Pharma SA
Andrea Tam

About Lipidor AB
Lipidor AB was established in 2009 to capitalize on the founders’ extensive experience in working with lipids and product development. Lipidor’s activities focus on examining how lipids can be used in novel combinations with non-lipid substances and materials. The company has developed the AKVANO™ technology, a novel dosage form for topical delivery of drugs and cosmetics. Lipidor has filed five patent families in this area. Karolinska Development AB owns 46 % of the company and the remaining part is shared by the founders.

About Cerbios-Pharma SA
Cerbios is a privately held self-financed company located in Lugano (Switzerland) specialized in the development and manufacturing of chemical and biological APIs for our partners world-wide. APIs made by Cerbios cover small molecules (Chemical Division), large molecules and Probiotics (Biological Division).

Services for third parties under exclusive manufacturing are offered in the area of HPAIs for the Chemical Division and Recombinant Proteins for the Biological Division. Full CMC support is provided to our partners in order to provide them with the supply of cGMP clinical batches, registration/validation material and APIs from commercial manufacturing. Paramount to this is the supply of all documentation required for a successful registration.

PDF.png Lipidor and Cerbios-Pharma have signed an agreement for the co-development of an innovative topical delivery system