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Promimic launches dental implants with SIN

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN – 28th of January 2016. Promimic today announced that the company's strategic partners Sistema de Implante Nacional (SIN) has initiated the launch of the first dental implant coated with Promimic's implant surface HAnano Surface. The implant is launched at CIOSP, the second largest dental trade show in the world, which is currently ongoing in São Paulo with over 100,000 visitors.

S.I.N. is a leading provider of dental implants in Brazil and Latin America, with a growing presence in Europe. The company has in recent years chosen to invest in new, innovative solutions for their implants where HAnano Surface is part of the development. HAnano Surface represents a new generation of implant surfaces based on synthetic bone minerals. The unique HAnano Surface is only 20 nanometers thin and has been shown to accelerate healing of implants in over 20 preclinical studies.

- This is an important milestone for our company and I am convinced that the way our products complement each other will give a fast market success, says Ulf Brogren, CEO of Promimic.

The production process for applying the HAnano Surface was installed at SIN in the summer of 2015 and the launch has been preceded by regulatory approval from ANVISA in Brazil and both pre-clinical and clinical studies.

- Promimic have had a great development in 2015 and this launch gives us a very good start to 2016, Ulf Brogren continues. We hope that the increased demand we have seen in the last year also in the near future will lead to launch of orthopedic implants with our surface.

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Johanna Knape, Marketing & Business Development Manager, Promimic AB
Phone: +46 739 80 37 15, e-mail:

Promimic has developed a process that makes it possible to modify all types of implant materials and geometries with a nanometer-thin surface of synthetic bone minerals; HAnano Surface. HAnano Surface is based on the substance hydroxyapatite (HA), which by size, shape, structure and chemistry mimics the living bone tissue. The surface has been shown to fasten and improve the anchoring of implants in bone. The innovative HAnano Surface is licensed to dental and orthopaedic implants companies. Promimic is a spin-off company based on research from Chalmers University of technology. For more information about the company, please visit the web page:

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