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Sistema de Implante Nacional and Promimic announce strategic partnership

Gothenburg, 21st of September 2015

Today, 70 Brazilian dentists have gathered in Gothenburg, Sweden, for a pre-launch event of a new and unique dental implant. This is a result of a strategic collaboration between the Swedish company Promimic AB and a Brazilian market leader Sistema de Implante Nacional (S.I.N.). During 21-22 of September S.I.N. will together with Promimic host a scientific pre-launching event in Gothenburg for Brazilian dentists in order to launch the partnership and celebrate 50 years of osseointegration.

S.I.N., a leading provider of dental implants in Brazil, and Promimic, an innovative supplier of surface treatments for the implant industry, based in Gothenburg, Sweden, today announced their strategic partnership. The collaboration includes an extensive development-program of both pre-clinical and clinical studies. It also includes a license to S.I.N. to use the innovative HAnano Surface technology from Promimic for treatment of their dental implants.

"It is my pleasure to announce our strategic collaboration and that we have taken several important steps towards launching a new and unique implant. S.I.N. is known for their cutting-edge technology and their solid scientific approach and this partnership offers strong support for our business", said Ulf Brogren, CEO of Promimic.

The collaboration is focused on combining HAnano Surface with S.I.N.’s innovative implant solutions. HAnano Surface represents a new generation of implant surfaces, based on bio-mimicking synthetic bone minerals. The unique HAnano Surface is only 20 nanometer thin and has been proven to accelerate the healing of the implants in over 20 pre-clinical studies. During the summer, the production process of applying the HAnano Surface was set up in Brazil in order to prepare for the coming product launch.

S.I.N. Implant System is the second biggest on the implant market in Brazil and Latin America, with a growing presence in Europe. The collaboration with Promimic is one of the initiatives on how S.I.N. seeks to stand out as one of the leading research companies’ globally.

“This development is proof on how S.I.N. aims to level Brazilian implant technology with the highest worldwide standards. The launch of this new implant with Promimic is a symbol on how important it is to have the right collaborations on scientific developments.” commented S.I.N.’s CEO, Fernando Mazzarolo.


For further information, please contact:
Ulf Brogren, CEO, Promimic AB
Phone: +46 730 79 42 07, e-mail:

Fernando Valery, Marketing, S.I.N.
Phone: +55 11 998 15 00 92, e-mail:




About S.I.N.
S.I.N. Implant System is focused on the research and development within the industry of dental implants and its prosthetic components. Founded in 2003, S.I.N. reached the second position on the Brazilian Market in only six years. In 2010, the company was acquired by Southern Cross Group, one of the biggest private equity funds in Latin America, operating with over US $ 2.8 billion in assets. With a wide portfolio, the company is known for high quality products and investments in new specialists training and upgrade of existing professionals as well as conferences and scientific events that present studies for the evolution of implant dentistry. For more information, please visit the webpage

About Promimic AB
Promimic, based in Gothenburg, Sweden, develops and markets products within nano-materials for innovative surface treatments. Promimic has developed a process that makes it possible to modify all types of implant materials and geometries with a nanometer-thin surface of synthetic bone minerals; HAnano Surface. HAnano Surface is based on the substance hydroxyapatite (HA), which by size, shape, structure and chemistry mimics the living bone tissue. The surface has been shown to fasten and improve the anchoring of implants in bone. The innovative HAnano Surface is licensed to dental and orthopaedic implants companies. For more information about the company, please visit the web page


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