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XSpray announces major advance in the formulation of challenging oral Protein Kinase Inhibitors (PKI)

Stockholm, Sweden – October 10, 2012. XSpray, a Karolinska Development portfolio company, announces positive data from dog studies with their novel formulation strategy for PKIs. Plasma levels of nilotinib in dogs increased over 700% with the XSpray formulation when compared with the commercially available product in dogs with neutralized stomachs. In addition, XSpray has demonstrated an improvement in solubility in-vitro with novel formulations of a range of different marketed PKI’s.

The majority of these orally administered targeted anticancer compounds are weak bases that exhibit pH-dependent solubility. Suppression of gastric acidity with acid-reducing agents such as antacids or H2 proton pump inhibitors can impair their absorption.

Per Andersson, CEO of XSpray said, "These are very encouraging results as our formulation strategy may, in addition to improving bioavailability, also make formulating PKIs with pH independent absorption possible."

A recent study performed by Medco highlights the fact that about 23 to 75 percent of patients on these oral targeted anticancer drugs may not be getting the full benefit of their treatment.

XSpray will be presenting these results at this year's AAPS in Chicago (October 14-18) at booth number 1635.

For more information, please contact:
Per Andersson, CEO

About XSpray
XSpray Microparticles AB is a drug delivery company targeting the poor bioavailability and pH dependent absorption of many oral targeted anticancer agents, in particular protein kinase inhibitors.  XSpray's RightSize™ technology is a product platform technology that overcomes the inherent drawbacks exhibited by many active pharmaceutical compounds.

The technology is used both to improve and enhance the product profile of currently marketed drugs and to speed up the development of new drugs for the future.

XSpray has its headquarters and development laboratories in Stockholm, Sweden, and offers GMP material, at a state-of-the-art facility.

XSpray's RightSize technology, innovations and the extensive expertise of employees and specialist partners are available through partnering activities. Contact XSpray to find out more.

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